Star Wars Rules

Everyone on the web is always typing "Star Wars Rules." Thought you might be wondering exactly what those rules are


The Other Six Star Wars Flicks

Lucas finally contracted out the rest of the nonology. Too bad he couldn't direct the rest of the films himself. He wanted to release them all next year, so he needed to hire six different teams to produce them simultaneously

Aaron Spelling's "Stars"

Are you a small,powerless band of rebels pitted against a mighty Dark Empire? There's one group that can do the job for you: The A-Team. Starring the new cast: Bill Pullman as Face, Jim Kerrey as Murdock, Ving Rheames as B.A., and Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal. "I pity the fool" that thinks he can use the dark side against these guys.

Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Star"

Vader is about to choke a simple peasant lad, when boredom prompts him to let the boy play chess for his life. The kid wins, so Vader declares "best two of three", and they begin the second game. This time, instead of chess, they play "mystery date".

Russ Meyer's "Star Vixens"

Let's just say there are some interesting new curves in Vader's body armor

"Alderaan, R.F.D."

Vader won't let his deputy, Barney, use the force on speeders and drunks.

Cubby Broccoli's "From Dantooine With Love"

"Kenobi ... James Kenobi". Obi-Wan drinks his foaming green drink frapp├ęd, not blended.

"Bill and Ted's Mediocre Adventure"

Our heroes get into some scrapes with that "Imperial Ugly Dude", but defeat him with the help of historical personages, including 13th President Millard Fillmore, Saxon King Ethelred the Unready, and former Timex spokesman John Cameron Swayze.